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Oct 01, 2010: Avonite Petals Series launched

The Evocative Petal Series from Avonite Surfaces™

Avonite Surfaces™ is pleased to announce the launch of its new ‘Petal’ series that is to be distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Midlands based company, Sylmar Technology.

The ‘Petal’ series comprises three one-of-a-kind decors including Sirocco (pictured above), Neptune and Cirrus, all of which create depth and individuality for a truly unique, result.


·         Sirocco – a light brown base with popping tan highlights

·         Neptune – a tranquil aqua

·         Cirrus – an inviting white that deepens and lightens throughout 

Perfect for special projects where the designer wants the surfaces to pop out, the ‘Petal’ additions boast a 3D effect that helps bring the design to life.

Known for its innovative approach to design and manufacturing, ‘Avonite’s’ fabrication material is used world-wide to bring a touch of class and quality to a wide spectrum of applications including retail showrooms, hotels, offices, restaurants and airports in addition to domestic kitchens and bathrooms.  The bespoke nature of Avonite Surfaces™ also allows total freedom for personalised projects.